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Safety Plan

A safety plan is intended to aid victims of domestic violence in securing their physical safety and personal well-being.  The plan is not a substitute for law enforcement and professional help.  If you fear you life is in eminent danger, call 911 immediately.

If You Choose to Stay…

  • Find a safe place to go during arguments.  Avoid rooms with no exits or rooms with weapons (kitchen).
  • Teach your children where to go to be safe and how to call for help.
  • Think about and make a list of safe people to contact.
  • Keep change with you at all times.
  • Memorize all important numbers
  • Establish a “code word” or “sign” so that family, friends, teachers or co-workers know when to call for help.
  • Document all violent incidences in a journal.  Include date, place, time, witnesses, and contact with police.  Hide the journal.
  • Back your car into the parking spot so you can leave quickly if necessary.

Remember, you have the right to
live without fear and violence!

 If You Choose to Leave…

  • Gather medication & all important documents: social security cards, birth certificates, ID cards, bank statements, any bills in your name, diplomas, transcripts, marriage license, W-2’s etc.  (Starting over is easier if you have all your documents, but all documents are replaceable.  Consider your safety first when preparing to leave.)
  • Do not tell your children your plans until it is time to leave.  Reassure them that they will be safe and protected.
  • Contact a domestic violence shelter if you need a place to stay or you fear for your safety.
  • Backtrack your steps where you reached out for help.  Delete caller ID and “cookies” from internet searches.
  • Once you leave, avoid staying completely alone.
  •  Don’t tell friends and family your new location until your safety is secure.  Abusers often manipulate the people you trust to gain information about how to find you.
  • Seek a Protective Order.  No criminal charges are necessary to obtain a temporary PO.  Temporary PO’s can be made permanent upon a hearing approximately 10 days after the initial order.
  • Notify your employer, friends, and family that you have left the abusive relationship and that you want no contact with the abuser.
  • Change to an unlisted number and keep it confidential.
  •  Open a P.O. Box to receive mail so that your actual address is not revealed.

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